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Fruit of the Sixties is a timely book on the founding years of the Oregon Country Fair, of great interest to the ever-renewing generations of Fairgoers."
--- "Downtown Deb" Trist, host of KLCC radio's Dead Air program

"This encyclopedic story of the Oregon Country Fair's early days recalls Eugene's Golden Age of Counterculture --- White Bird Clinic, Growers Market, WOW Hall, Hoedads, and Odyssey and New World Coffee Houses. What fun to encounter the likes of Reverend Chumleigh, the Flying Karamazov Brothers, Artis the Spoonman, Chez Ray, Tofu Toby, the Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Band, and the people most responsible for it all, Bill and Cynthia Wooten."
--- Don Bishoff, former Eugene newspaper columnist

"For those of you already missing the Oregon Country Fair, journalist Suzi Prozanski offers up a way for the good vibe to continue all year long. 'Fruit of the Sixties: The Founding of the Oregon Country Fair' documents the beginnings of the celebration of alternative culture staged annually near Eugene. Aided by appearances from Ken Kesey, a concert by the Grateful Dead and the efforts of a number of creative individuals, what started as a fundraiser for an alternative school became a place where 'aging hipsters, sacred tricksters and new vaudevillians plus their children and grandchildren, would gather for decades to celebrate counterculture community.'"
--- Katie Schneider, Special to the Oregonian